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About us

This brand came about because of all of the controversy over guns these days.  It is our firm belief as citizens of the United States of America that all non-mentally challenged individuals should have the right to keep and bear arms. These days, we’re starting to wonder if the laws should be changed to where all individuals should have to own and carry a firearm (with a proper training course and license included), that way, people will think twice before they try to commit a crime against you.


We stand firm in our belief in the second amendment of our constitution, and we believe that people should have the right to own firearms for many different reasons, whether you’re a gun enthusiast, someone who likes to go out target practicing, or skeet shooting for fun, or a man who is taking his son deer hunting for the first time. We could go on and on to list the many reasons that we feel it is our right, but the biggest reason, is like the quote from the movie ‘Enough’…”You have a divine animal right to protect your own life and the life of your offspring”, and our company motto is: BETTER TO HAVE A GUN AND NOT NEED IT, THAN TO NEED A GUN AND NOT HAVE IT!!


And as for all the mentally challenged people out there committing crimes against our Communities, our Children and even our Country, it is very, very sad, and something we do Not agree with or understand and may they get what they deserve!